Background: Craft cider is an underrepresented drink in India. People who have had cider abroad often compare it to what’s more accessible and familiar: Beer.

And here’s what they have to say about cider:

“Perfect amount of sweetness, better than bitter beer”

“It’s sort of like beer, but not too hoppy or bitter”

“Like beer but doesn’t leave you with a bitter aftertaste. It’s on the sweeter side”

“I like the fact that they are sort of like beer, but more interesting. For a change it’s nice to have something different with crisp notes”

Target: Urban Explorers

Curious and like to try different things. They are hungry to experience new flavours, in order to expand their palates. They want to be in on the new things happening in town.

Insight: More and more urban Indians are questioning outdated traditions and norms, and re-establishing their own contemporary renditions of them. They are blending traditional ideologies with emerging, modern values.

Strategy: Lean into re-inventing the old by adding a twist to what’s familiar or bringing a fresh take on what already exists.

Idea: Cider puts a fun spin on __________

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 3.54.29 PM.png


Tone of voice: Fun, Vibrant, Dynamic, Current

Sachee Malhotra