The ask: Develop a brand strategy and internal company culture for - the Middle East's homegrown online marketplace.

Insight: While noon sells products, people buy into emotional desires.

Strategy: Taking a human approach in an otherwise commoditised industry allowed us to move away from being just a marketplace and positioning noon as an enabler of aspirations: of employees, customers, investors and the Middle East region on the whole.

What we did: To build a distinct brand culture, we designed a brand voice book for noon that acted as a guiding principle; right from the brand philosophy to communications and activations.

As a core part of the new employee onboarding mechanism we created an employee box to immerse employees in the brand culture and bring a sense of belonging. This curated box consisted of unique and inspirational merchandise like hoodies, backpacks, patches, stickers and water bottles, with culturally relevant messaging.

Team: Abhineet Singh (Co-founder + Strategist), Emilia Bergmans (Co-founder + Creative Director), Hem Pratap Singh (Designer), Shibesh Mehrotra (Copywriter)

Sachee Malhotra