The ask: Position Inlingua, an English language institute.

Problem: Small players use words like “Oxford”, “British” to make their offerings sound premium. Despite being the market leader, there is a lack of communication about the unique Inlingua method.

Insight: People don’t want to learn English, they want to speak English.

Target audience: They recognize the value of English and do not need to be “sold” the language. They can read and write English, and need help with fluent speaking. They're willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve this. Because they decide to enroll, they prove themselves to be non-complacent and driven to grow, in the personal and professional spheres.

They are used to a rote-based system of learning:

In school, they were taught not to question.

In college, they were expected to fit in.

At work, they were trained to follow instructions.

>>>TLDR: They’re asked to listen and not empowered to speak.

Brand Idea: Speak Up


To bring this idea to life, we designed a brand book to inspire communications.


Images from the brand book.

The communications lived on various consumer touchpoints, online and offline.

Digital Ads

Newspaper Ads




Team: Abhineet Singh (Co-founder + Strategist), Emilia Bergmans (Co-founder + Creative Director), Bhavika Aggarwal (Designer + Strategist), Niharika Jain (Designer), Shibesh Mehrotra (Copywriter)

Sachee Malhotra