The Ask: Introduce a global product in the US market.

Our thoughts: As a team we were passionate about working in the fast food category.  So we looked towards the East to see interesting food trends there.

Learnings: In the US, fast casual is one of the most lucrative segments of the restaurant space. One of the biggest determinants of the success is efficiency in process. Culturally, people are demanding fast, quality and customizable food. So we thought about the seemingly one note fast casual concepts popping up in the US and decided to see if it was the same everywhere. We realized that Japan had a very interesting take on the fast casual concept, combining it with one of their core delicious foods: Ramen. They took the concept of ramen, and added a fast casual spin, much to the happiness of the consumer. 

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In the US, Ramen is a dish that’s often thought of in extremes. It’s either too complex, fancy, and time consuming, or too cheap and processed. 

So we realized our opportunity was to offer an experience that was adapted to where the culture was headed. Hence, adding a fast casual yet wholesome twist to Ramen seemed viable.

Concept: A cashless, mobile first, fast casual ramen restaurant built on a completely digital customer experience.

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Value Proposition: Offering food that’s quick, nourishing and delicious that would otherwise take forever to make at home.

Why are we building a cashless customer experience?

We value our customers’ time and don’t want to add to their stress by making them wait in long queues. It would help our employees focus their efforts on taking care of our customers’ better, rather than handling cash. It would also help improve data collection and make it easier to understand individual buying patterns and reward loyal customers in the future.

Not just that, by 2019, mobile payments are forecasted to grow to $142 billion and they will surpass credit cards by 2020.

Brand Purpose: To bring well-being to people living high stress lives.


  1. Convenience: make the process as streamlined, simple, and accessible as possible.
  2. Distinction: satisfy every customer’s unique palate.
  3. Quality: offer the best, from our ingredients to our in-store experience and beyond. We’re all about wholesome food that’s good for the soul.
  4. Honesty: customers should know exactly what they’re eating.
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Target: Hungry Urbanites

Innovators, Creators, Culture Seekers

They're the “one hour lunch break crowd” that expects instant gratification. They expect efficiency with their food as they live high stress lives. They want to experiment with food and are about how the food they eat makes them feel.


Positioning: For hungry urbanites, we are a fast casual ramen shop offering convenient, delicious, and quality food that fosters exploration, technological innovation, and the spirit of time honored culinary tradition.

Communications Strategy: Discover your own tasty.

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The name signifies the right way of eating ramen: the action of tilting your bowl every time you have ramen, slurping your way through the very last drop.

Personality: We went with a playful tone of 'Restrained whimsy', appearing buttoned up on the inside but crazy around the edges. Articulate with flair.


Brand Manifesto

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Our menu demonstrates our brand persona and exemplifies ramen customization using quality ingredients. 

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Ordering Process

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The app is designed with an easy and streamlined UX, keeping two key parameters in mind: personalization and efficiency. 


Since we believe that people should know exactly what ingredients go in their food, through our app, customers can also watch a live video of their ramen bowl being prepared. 

Restaurant Layout

The in-restaurant experience focuses on the mobile and to-go features with minimal seating and a large food locker to collect food. Instead of having order counters where people wait in queues, there are kiosks to save time and improve efficiency in process.

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After checking the packaging of other Asian takeouts we wanted to address some pain points. We realized regular bags don’t secure the bowl inside too well, so our packaging is designed to hug the bowl and ensure it gets to the final destination without spills. The broth is in its own container that fits within the main bowl, to keep the noodles from absorbing all of the broth before the ramen is eaten. The utensils are functionally a way to securely close the package. If a customer has to carry multiple bowls, they get a tote bag with our manifesto which shows our whimsical and playful personality at each touchpoint.





Our employee ensemble is reflective of our playful brand personality, with our logo on the front and witty one liners on the back. This way our employees can truly live and breathe the tilted bowl brand internally too.



Social Media

Since our concept is based on a completely digital customer experience, social media plays a crucial role in reaching out to our audience where they are present. Our visuals extend our playful brand personality and emphasize the quality ingredients used in the food in an engaging and witty manner. 

Team: Eddie Bennett (Strategist), Rachel Cohen (Creative Brand Manager), Brianna Gross (Copywriter), Allison Rinaldi (Art Director), Naomi Bradley-Jean (Experience Designer), Billy Reano (Experience Designer) 

Sachee Malhotra