Background: Turtle wax is a 75 year old car care brand in the US. It produces products to protect and restore cars.

The ask: Make the Turtle Wax brand stand out in a sea of sameness that exists in the care car products aisle.


Learning: When we visited the car care products aisle at Target, we learned brand differentiation is challenging when all products in the aisle look alike and claim to have the same benefits. Every brand in the category has automotive jargon and chemical constitution of its products on the packaging which makes the brand appear purely mechanical and lack any human connection whatsoever.

Problem: A car is a huge investment but like a relationship, people take it for granted after a while. They’re buying car care products less frequently because they neglect their cars.

Since the brand is currently targeting car enthusiasts, there is a common misconception that Turtle wax products are only for people with nice cars or car geeks who know about the A-Z of car care and spend hours on detailing their cars to keep them in pristine condition.

This leaves Turtle Wax in a space where people only think of it as making cars look shiny and forget about the very notion of protecting their cars from damage.

Human truth: Individuals refer to their cars as people but they don't always treat them as such.

People are really protective about their cars when they’re new. Excitement is at its peak in the beginning, people name their cars and take photos with them. But over time, as the car gets older, people stop caring about their cars as much and take them for granted. It’s almost like the honeymoon phase is over and now you’re in a one-sided relationship with your car.

Turtle Wax - 5.png

What people forget is that their car was always protective of them. It sheltered them through the rain or the night they got stuck in that snow storm. It was by their side when they ran into their ex-girlfriend and wanted to get as far away from her as possible.

Opportunity: Move Turtle wax from car care to caring about your car

car care.png

Objective: To remind people to protect their cars and give their cars the love they deserve

Types of car owners:

Turtle Wax - 2.png

The Gearheads

They are car enthusiasts every brand in the car care category is reaching out to. They know about the A-Z of car detailing and have invested a lot of time and money in trying the best car care products out there. They are likely to use sophisticated, expensive products.

The Unattached

The interiors and exteriors of their cars are always dirty and they couldn’t care less about it, which makes them a hard target segment to reach.

The Caring

  1. New car owners: They’re in a new phase of their lives and their car is the second largest investment they’ve made after buying a home. They’re possessive about their new car and are likely to name it.
  2. Old car owners: At one time they were more diligent about taking care of their cars but now need to be reminded about how much they once loved their cars.

Brand purpose: Help people stay in love with their cars

Strategy: Show people that Turtle wax is there for your car when you aren't

Concept: One less lonely car



By personifying cars, we want people to feel empathetic towards their cars and protect them from further damage.


Radio Spot

Retail Endcap 

As a reminder for people to take care of their lonely cars and protect them, we installed a camera in the parking lot when the cars are lonely while their owners are shopping in stores. The idea here is to be around moments where the brand was needed the most, instead of creating such moments inorganically.



Since our audience is active on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, we wanted to extend our brand communications on social with a one-sided conversation between the lonely car and its owner.

Team: Sara Singh (Creative Brand Manager), Russ Rizzo (Copywriter), Sarah Wallace (Art Director), Sarah Burley (Experience Designer)

Sachee Malhotra