The ask: Choose a poem and weave a story that’s symbolic of it.

Our poem: "He would never use one word where none would do” by Philip Levine

Cultural truth: We live in a world that is propelled by noise. We wake up in the morning and waste hours mindlessly scrolling through our phones. We block the hustle and bustle on the streets with our headphones blasting loud music. At night, we’re binge-watching Netflix.

Now think about all the noise made when we’re with other people. Whether we’re at a work meeting or just hanging out with our loved ones, there are hardly any moments of silence in our lives. We’re so used to the frantic bustle of life that we don’t go searching for silence anymore.

Opportunity: Leverage silence as a mode of communication that transcends words.

Concept: Silence speaks louder than words ever will

Team: Cole Hammack (Strategist), Jenna Stout (Strategist)

Sachee Malhotra