The ask: Build a Rube Goldberg machine with at least 12 different triggers extending the brand idea.

The brand: Bayer Aspirin

Human truth: We all have bad days when things go painfully wrong - one after the other, and all we want to do is hit pause and make the pain go away.

Opportunity: Construct a machine that demonstrates the worst day in the life of the average Joe and show how Bayer Aspirin helps make their day a little less painful.

The concept: Bayer Aspirin solves life’s little problems

Learnings:  This was an unusual project that tested our team’s tenacity and taught us the true meaning of teamwork. We learned how to face repetitive failures and still not lose sight of our end goal.

We learned how design and strategy work in tandem with each other to create a seamless brand experience.

The biggest hidden learning was how brands can be experienced in an unusual setting and yet be really interesting.

Team: Evan McGee (Creative Brand Manager), Carole Trickey (Strategist), Josh Clayton (Copywriter), Mike Rodriguez (Art Director), Angelica Ortiz (Experience Designer)

Sachee Malhotra