The ask: Develop a brand essence video for TVF India.

The situation: TVF has gained popularity among the Indian youth since their content tackles important social and cultural issues in a fun manner. The brand aims to encourage people to talk more openly about taboo topics and in turn embrace change and growth.

Learnings: According to the UN, India's population living abroad is the largest in the world with 1.6 crore (16 million) people living outside the country in 2015.

A huge population of Indians who immigrated to the US are still stuck in the past notion of ‘India in the yesteryears’. They are more familiar with the age old rituals and traditions and not as familiar with how the country’s culture has progressed over the years.

Since they live far away from their home country, they are not immersed in the culture like the average Indian living in India is. They don’t have as much access to the media consumed by Indians in India and the limited knowledge they acquire about India’s culture is then passed on to the next generation.

The opportunity: Leverage TVF as an agent to make NRIs aware of the cultural changes that have happened in India over the years and show them how today’s India is breaking yesterday’s stereotypes.

Strategy: TVF is the pulse of today’s India

Team: Jenna Stout (Strategist), Melissa Jackson (Strategist)

Sachee Malhotra