Sachee Malhotra
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New Delhi


1991: My grandfather was happy a girl was born in a house with 3 brothers

1991-93: Mumma loved me more because my brother was way more cranky than me

1993-97: Pronounced "battery" as "bat-a-lilly"

1997: Papa tried to teach me how to ride a bicycle but he failed miserably

1997-02: Was obsessed with all things Tweety bird

2002-08: Learned Kathak and Oddissi and danced in parks

2008-11: School was thankfully over and the fun life at DU began

2011-12: Accepted the first job I was offered on campus

2012: Quit my job in Finance

2012-16: Happily worked in Advertising but wanted to understand how people thought and made decisions. The Brand Strategy track at the Brandcenter felt like a natural fit

2016: Got engaged to my boyfriend and moved to the U.S. for my Masters in Advertising

2017: Became a strong, independent woman but couldn’t imagine my life without my chai, roti, sabzi and family. Also became a certified egg balancer at the Equator  

2018: The never-ending countdown to go home began